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The Tommy Flowers Network Autumn 2020 Conference

Photo credit: Tommy Flowers Network

The Tommy Flowers Network is a partnership between industry and academia to bring together a unique combination of theoretical, practical, and commercial approaches. Named after the GPO engineer Tommy Flowers BSc DSc MBE, who worked on the code breaking machines at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, the Network aims to collaborate on solving some of the biggest social and technological problems of our age.

The Tommy Flowers Network is currently sponsored by British Telecom (BT) and hosts regular conferences at BT’s Adastral Park research site. In 2020 the Autumn conference runs from 12th-16th October and is being held fully online. I have been given the opportunity to present my work at this conference on Wednesday 14 October in the form of a five-minute “Lightning Talk”.

I recommend you check out Tommy Flowers Network and the Autumn 2020 conference. Even if you don’t have a chance to attend live, I understand that the presentations will be shared on their website after the event.

If you want a flavour of my talk ahead of time, feel free to download the PowerPoint slide deck for the presentation.