The Green Programmer

About Me

Hi, I’m Frank Carver.

I started working in the computer business in the 1980s, back when the nearest thing that ordinary people had to the internet was laboriously dialing up to a bulletin board hosted on someone else’s desktop PC.

Since that time I have worked for a wide range of businesses, from tiny one- and two-person outfits and startups to international household names such as British Telecom, Telefónica and The Times Education Supplement. I’ve worked with every kind of software developer and manager and seen everything from huge successes to companies that crashed or just silently faded away.

In 2017, as it became increasingly obvious that government-level initiatives were struggling to make an impact on the growing environmental crisis, I gave up a lucrative consulting contract and went back to school. I wanted to do the research to find out what “my people” - working software developers, architects and managers - could do to make a difference.

I signed up with a local university to start a PhD which, as I write this, is still continuing. Despite the potential importance of this area to the whole world, I have no funding. I am paying for the process entirely though my own savings and whatever business I can drum up alonside my research and studies.

This blog is a small attempt to share my progress. I hope it helps.